Do you feel helpless and hopeless about what is happening on our planet?

Would you rather ‘Be the Change’ and claim the ‘Magic of YOU’ ?

The EarthSpeak Trilogy is on a MISSION to ‘Awaken the Magic’  AND raise funds for YOUR favourite causes helping people, animals and earth !


 Triunia reaches in to the Alchemist within us all allowing our exuberance and knowing that the ‘impossible’ IS ‘possible’ to BE real.

Come into this world, here on our very own planet, where you can BE on the journey into  wondrous possibilities and feel what it’s like to :

   talk with animals;

          dance with elementals;

               witness grief birth magical changes and

                     stretch beyond your limitations into a world filled with

                                                         Beings you thought were just ‘imagination’.


“Images of past and present ravaging of earth’s guts and her creatures torment a little valley at the foot of Mt Warning …  A developer threatens to lay bare the rare and endangered species of plants and animals, leaving blood and misery in his wake…”

An Invitation :

 Come on this adventure into the world of TriUnia. Magic and unbelievable possibilities are unearthed both within each being and without as they choose to go beyond their past realities and find the way to embrace the Wild Magic that changes everything when unleashed, unlocked and wielded with wisdom and love! The Oneness begins to throb and bring change to the whole world as ‘TwoLegs’, creature, spirit, elemental and Earth herself unite in the Oneness …

The first book in the ‘EarthSpeak Series’, ‘TriUnia’ (tri-u-nee-a) whets our appetite for what more is to come …

What if it’s not just a story … but a welcome into being MAGIC EveryDay?

 ’The Green Cauldron’ on the east coast of Australia

‘FigTree Valley‘ is an ‘imaginary‘ small valley within the great caldera that surrounds Mt Warning on the east coast of Australia, just north of Byron Bay. There are some places that are named purposely similar to local places e.g. ‘The Siding‘ in the book is ‘Stokers Siding’ about 15 mins from Murwillumbah, the closest township to Mt Warning.

Australian Tourism has dubbed itAustralia’s Green Cauldron under the National Landscape program, one of the world’s great natural wonders.